What we aspire to

What we aspire to

We are a Māori-owned, Māori-led organisation. We hire the best people with the best skill sets who are focused on making a difference for Māori and those most at risk in our country. What drives us is the idea that every person and whānau has the right to an abundant life in which their needs are met and their aspirations are fulfilled.

We aspire to be innovators who create user-friendly technologies, processes and systems that support a kaupapa Māori, strengths-based, community development approach. We seek to achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes through powerful partnerships and evidence-based practice. Working together challenges us and those we work with to channel resources into relationships, places and aspirations that make the most difference for whānau.

What it means - for whānau, for providers, for government

Whānau are no longer invisible or powerless in decision-making processes affecting their health and wellbeing. Whānau drive the system, not the other way around. In our system, whānau ora is defined by better outcomes which allow whānau the opportunity to recognise their innate mana and potential.

Providers can rely on a robust system that allows them to deliver on their contracts. Easy to use, effective and reliable technologies save time and money, and connect up the many contributors to whānau development. Providers can also future proof their service delivery through continuous quality improvement.

Government has the opportunity to invest in standardised systems, tools and processes that contain the know how to meet Māori needs and aspirations and can be adapted to individual communities across the nation. If made, this investment will not only empower whānau to take control of their health and wellbeing but also demonstrate that government is committed to integrated, evidence-based, outcome-focused service delivery that works for whānau/families.

Why it matters

Current service delivery models are characterised by approaches that struggle to deliver solutions that consistently work for whānau. Approaches that do not understand Māori knowledge or fail to appreciate what’s important to whānau are unlikely to deliver sustainable solutions. Innovation, working alliances and systems change underpinned by authentic understanding are needed to unleash whānau leadership in making changes in their lives and enable them to drive their own development. What matters most for Māori is the ability to achieve lasting outcomes that strengthen whānau, hapū, iwi. When whānau are well - our children will be happy, safe and keen to learn; our communities will be connected and empowered; and our nation will thrive and prosper.