Our Story

Providers and stakeholders are our customers, whānau are our reason.

Who we are

We call ourselves the National Hauora Coalition. Based in Auckland, we are an NGO and Primary Healthcare Organisation that operates locally and in other rohe. We work with Iwi, district health boards, other governmental and non-governmental organisations, including health and social service providers and schools, and a range of professionals to support whānau.

Our Vision:

To enhance and enable the strengths of whānau to achieve rangatiratanga/self-determined success. We believe that whānau who are nurturing, healthy, engaged, knowledgeable and prosperous are positioned to succeed.

Our Mission:

Implementing Whānau Ora as a preferred nationwide system of health and social service delivery for Māori, Pacific and other whānau who would benefit by implementing a Whānau Ora system.

Our Values:

  • Dignity and respect - for all peoples;
  • Courage and integrity – in all that we do;
  • Relationships and partnerships – as our vehicle for change;
  • Innovation and collaboration – our approach across our networks.

Our strategic goals:

  • To improve health and social outcomes for Māori and high needs communities;
  • To support provision of health and social integrated services through the Whānau Ora models of care;
  • To provide (better, sooner, more convenient) support services to our National Hauora Coalition members;
  • To grow sustainable effective relationships with new stakeholders and providers under the korowai Whānau Ora;
  • To be an effective national Whānau Ora PHO and Whānau Ora NGO;
  • To enable a national Whānau Ora outcomes-based Commissioning Strategy.