Flexible Funding Pool

FFP establishment and implementation is a policy requirement under the Government’s Better, Sooner More Convenient Healthcare approach.

It is required of all PHOs and their General Practice Networks by 2014. It requires new ways to construct, allocate and implement what was SIA, HP and C+ funding.
It does not affect first contact care funding in anyway

In relation to NHCs Primary Care Network it:

  • Aligns with new National PHO services agreement
  • Ensures we are fit for purpose against the expectations generated from that e.g. Alliancing, raised clinical performance, transparency and localities approaches
  • Allows us to transfer ‘leanings’ across networks – alliancing, locality networks, integration, ALTs and SALTs
  • Enabled redefinition of high needs for NHC population (Q4, 5, Māori & Pacific)
  • Focuses on health equity and the most vulnerable populations as per the business case
  • Defines the clinical contribution of primary care to whānau ora outcomes as part of a whānau ora system of care

The FFP supports delivery of a clinical suite of services for primary care SUITE OF ACCESS SERVICES - “SUITE AS”

These are aligned with whānau ora programmes and enabling the clinical contribution to wider whānau ora outcomes.

They are based on:

  • Population Profiles
  • Best Clinical Evidence Available
  • Clinical Access and Health Equity and include:

These programmes support: 

  • The achievement of NHTs and PPP targets – particularly those with high incidence with māori and other high needs communities – CVD, Diabetes, Smoking, Cancer
  • Ensuring those most in need within the enrolled population of the NHC can access quality primary care that enhances their ability to determine their own wellbeing and supports the achievement of Whānau Ora outcomes.