Introduction to our Primary Care Network

What makes us unique

The National Hauora Coalition (NHC) is a Whānau Ora driven Primary Care Network, holding a National Primary Healthcare Organisation (PHO) Service Agreement. We are currently active in five District Health board areas. We rise to the challenge of achieving positive Whānau Ora outcomes through a whānau-centred, Māori-driven, integrated, funded and resourced, sustainable Whānau Ora Primary Care Network.

We began operating in July 2011, after the success of our Better Sooner More Convenient Primary Care response and since our establishment have retained over 60 GP practices. Although based in Auckland, our membership represents urban, rural, hapū, iwi and mātāwaka groups and organisations serving over 190,000 whānau throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. For us, whānau is an inclusive term that embraces individual Māori and Māori whānau who have whakapapa links to each other, hapū, iwi and waka, and other families within Aotearoa New Zealand who seek Māori-led Whānau Ora, irrespective of ethnic or cultural background.

We operate effective clinically led managerial partnerships and deliver a strong, evidence informed approach to shape our network’s primary care contribution to whānau ora outcomes.  We operate alliancing to enable engaged, motivated people to work together to realise a shared kaupapa of whānau ora; delivering improved health and social outcomes that are equitable across our communities.  Through our innovative evidence informed methodology, we work to transform policy, practice and people, by demonstrating our system wide approach to attaining improved outcomes for whānau, communities and government.