Information for Professionals

Information for General Practice 

The NHC has a primary care network of approximately 30 practices across 5 districts in NZ. 
Our networks are comprised of a mix of Māori, Pacific and Mainstream providers who all share a common goal of providing quality, sustainable, services to Māori and Non-Māori whānau with high needs.  The NHC’s enrolled population is 72% high needs.

As well as standard PHO services crossing clinical, IT and general provider support activities such capitation management, the management of claiming activity, register management and clinical activity analysis and clinical quality support, the NHC also offers:

  • Support with sector audits
  • Support with financial analysis against the practices operating models to ensure optimisation of programmes and programme funding 
  • Access to locality networks of health and whānau ora providers 
  • Organised continuing medical and nursing education and practice management and reception training and support
  • Support to interpret and participate within the alliancing requirements for the primary care sector . The NHC operates an integrated Alliance Leadership Team, supported by clinically led Service Alliances informing clinical programme design and implementation anchored by a whānau ora approach and supported by integrated clinical whānau ora governance.
  • A clinically – led and evidence informed approach to defining the clinical contribution to whānau ora outcomes, recognising the relationship between health outcomes and the social determinants of health
  • Flexible Funding Pool management, with detailed practice manuals, clinical activity and budget tracking/management 
  • Monthly PPP reports in an easy to understand format, supporting the reduction of clinical variation
  • Support with tracking performance against National Health Targets
  • Support with managing contractual activity against your local DHB funded programmes

To support integrated IT within your practice (PMS), the NHC operates MOHIO – our real time, web-based clinical claiming and electronic decision support tool.

Joining Our Network

If you are feel that your medical practice or health, social or whanau ora provider has a good fit with our network approach and philosophy and would like to consider applying to join, for a confidential discussion please contact:

Jonathan Murray – Operations Manager, Network Performance and Support
( or 021 528 984)