Mana Kidz

The National Hauora Coalition is the lead contractor for Mana Kidz. This successful programme is the largest initiative in New Zealand to combat the silent childhood illness of rheumatic fever. It is spread across three communities; Otara, Mangere, Papakura and Manurewa covering 61 schools, and 24,000 children.

Each comprehensive clinic has a registered nurse and whānau support worker. Based in schools they work 5days per week attending to rheumatic fever prevention services, skin infection treatment and management, and school health referrals.

The National Hauora Coalition has set up these clinics in partnership with the Counties Manukau District Health Board and with the support of local providers: Kidz First, East Tāmaki Health Care, Otara Union, Health Star Pacific, Turuki Health Care, Papakura Marae and ProCare.

Rheumatic Fever

Around 50 South Auckland children are affected by Rheumatic Fever each year, the largest number of cases of any DHB in New Zealand. New Zealand children, particularly Māori and Pacific children, have one of the highest rates of rheumatic fever in the developed world.

Sore throats may be caused by Group A Streptococcal infection. For some children an autoimmune response will occur where the body will attack its own tissue: heart, brain and joints.

A heart valve acts like a one-way door. It makes sure that blood pumped by the heart flows in one direction only. When the heart valve is damaged it can leak and may cause: breathlessness and tiredness.

Rheumatic fever is a serious illness that is preventable. It occurs in children (aged 4-19 years) after a Group A Streptococcal (GAS) infection. In later life it may develop into chronic heart disease and require heart surgery.

Māori and Pacific children aged 4-14 years are particularly susceptible. Every sore throat matters, people with rheumatic fever can develop rheumatic heart disease which may lead to premature death. Get a sore throat checked every time.